Cardi B Family

Cardi B
Father Unknown (Dominican)
Mother Unknown (Trinidadian)
Sister Hennessy Carolina (younger)
Aunt Carmen
Uncle Ellis
Cousin Nefi
Ex-Boyfriends Tommy
Boyfriend Kiari Cephus(Offset)


Cardi B Childhood

Image: Cardi B Childhood

Cardi B (birth name- Belcalis Almanzar) is an American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Video maker and a media personality who became prominent through social media before becoming a sensation through her music videos. Bodak Yellow and Foreva are among her hit songs.

Cardi was an exotic dancer and stripper for years, she initially became famous for discussing her past as a stripper, she is known for her openness about her life.

Cardi B: Parents

Cardi B was born to a Dominican father- a Taxi driver (of Hispanic background) and a Trinidadian mother - a cashier on 11th October 1992 in The Bronx, New York.

Cardi B's Mother

Image: Cardi B's Mother

Cardi B's father

Image: Cardi B's father

Cardi B: Grandparents

Cardi is close to her paternal grandmother, Cardi credits her grandmother for her thick accent, they appear in Cardi's videos together sometimes.

Cardi B's grandmother

Image: Cardi B's grandmother

Cardi B with grandfather

Image: Cardi B with grandfather

Cardi B: Siblings

Hennessy Carolina

Hennessy Carolina Almanzar (born 1995) is the younger sister of Cardi B, it was she who gave Cardi her nickname of Bacardi which eventually became her professional name (with slight changes)

Cardi B with sister Hennessy Carolina

Image: Cardi B with sister Hennessy Carolina

She has half- siblings from her father's other marriages.

Cardi B childhood, sister and mother

Image: Cardi B childhood, sister and mother

Cardi B: Boyfriend/ Fiancee/ husband

Kiari Cephus (Offest)

Rapper Offset of Migos & Cardi got together in the early part of 2017, as of April 2017 Cardi was pregnant with Offset's child, couple got engaged in October 2017. They are expecting the baby in July 2018

Cardi B with her boyfriend Offset

Image: Cardi B with her boyfriend Offset

Cardi B: Uncle

Cardi B with uncle Ellis

Image: Cardi B with uncle Ellis

Cardi B: Ex-Boyfriends


Cardi previously had a boyfriend named Tommy, she had previously mentioned that he was in jail.

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