Robert Wagner Family

Robert Wagner
Father Robert John Wagner Sr.
Mother Hazel Boe
Uncle Joseph Anthony Wagner (Paternal)
Aunt Kathrena Boe (Maternal)
Grandfather Matthew Wagner (Paternal), Andrew H Boe (Maternal)
Grandmother Louise Neumaier (Paternal), Tilda Olsdotter Berg (Maternal)

Natalie Wood(deceased)

Marion Marshall(Ex)

Jill St. John


Katie Wagner

Courtney Wagner


Riley John Wagner-Lewis

Clover Clementyne

Son In-law Leif Lewis (Katie)
Stepdaughter Natasha Gregson Wagner

Peter Donen

Joshua Donen

Sister In-law

Lana Wood

Fathers In-law

Edward Oppenheim

Nikolai Stephanovich Zakharenko

Mothers in-law

Betty Oppenheim

Maria Stepanovna Zudilov

Sons in-law

Leif Lewis

Barry Watson


Yvonne De Carlo

Joan Crawford

Elizabeth Taylor

Anita Ekberg

Shirley Anne Field

Joan Collins

Barbara Stanwyck

Tina Sinatra

Robert Wagner is an American actor & producer known for works such as- The Towering Inferno, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, NCIS, Two and a Half Men , Seinfeld and others.

Robert John Wagner Jr. Was born on 10th February 1930 in Detroit, Michigan, United States to Hazel Boe- a telephone operator & Robert John Wagner Sr. -a travelling salesman. He is of German ancestry from his father’s side, while of Norwegian descent from Mother’s side.


Robert Wagner Parents


Robert John Wagner Sr.: Robert John Wagner Sr. Was a travelling salesman & worked for the American automaker- ‘Ford Motor Company’. He had also worked as a steel executive.

Robert was born in 1890 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States to Matthew Wagner & Louise Neumaier. He died in San Diego, California. He had a brother named Joseph Anthony Wagner.


Robert Wagner & mother Hazel Bow

Image: Robert Wagner & mother Hazel Bow

Hazel Alvera: Hazel Alvera, born Hazel Boe (aka Thelma Hazel Alvera Boe) in 1898 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States was a daughter of Norwegian immigrants; she worked as a telephone operator. She was the daughter of of Andrew H Boe & Tilda Olsdotter Berg, She had a sister named Kathrena Boe.


Robert Wagner Siblings


Mary Wagner: Robert has a sister in Mary Wagner.


Robert Wagner Grandparents


Andrew H Boe: Anders Hansson Løkøien is the Maternal grandfather of Robert. He Was born in 1862 in Oppland, Norway to Hans Knutsson Løkøien, I and Marit Olsdotter Løkøien. He died in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States. Katherine Boe & Thelma Boe were his children.

Matthew Wagner: Matthew is the paternal grandfather of Robert Wagner, he was born in 1863 in Germany.


Tilda Olsdotter Berg: Tilda was born in 1859 in Oppland, Norway to Ole Trondsson Stamstadkveen & Kari Johnsdotter Stamstadkveen. She was the maternal grandmother of Robert Wagner

Tilda married Andrew H Boe and mothered Kathrena Boe & Thelma Boe. She died in 1903 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States.

Louise Neumaier: Louise Neumaier was born in 1871 in Germany to Joseph Neumaier & Appolonia Seivert. She was the mother of Robert John Wagner, Sr. . She died in 1955 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States


Robert Wagner Uncles & Aunts


Joseph Anthony Wagner: Joseph was the paternal uncle of Robert Wagner, he was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States to Matthew Wagner & Louise Neumaier In 1900. He was married to Alma Adair Wagner . He died in 1975 in Columbus, North Carolina, United States


Kathrena Boe: Kathrena Boe is the maternal aunt of Robert Wagner. She Was born in August 1888 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States to Andrew H Boe & Tilda Olsdotter Berg. She is the sister of Robert’s mother Hazel.

Robert Wagner Wives

Natalie Wood: Natalie Woos was a famous child actress who went on to become a popular actress as well. Robert & Natalie married in December 1957, she was 19 at the time and he was 27. They formed a film company named RoNa (named after their first names) in 1961. They divorced in 1962, but remarried in 1972 & were together till her death in 1981.

Natalie died from mysterious drowning; Robert Wagner was named a person of interest in the ongoing case of drowning death of his then wife Natalie Wood.

Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood

Image: Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood

Marion Marshall: Marion Marshall was a Hollywood actress & a singer. She was known for acting in movies such as- “I Was a Male War Bride”, “Sailor Beware”, “That's My Boy”, “Six Days of Justice” among others

Marion Marshall was born in 1929 in Los Angeles, California. Robert Wagner & Marion married in 1963 & divorced in 1971. The couple has a daughter together: Katie Wagner.

Marion has two sons Peter Donen & Joshua Donen from her second husband Stanley Donen.

Robert Wagner & Mariaon Marshall

Image: Robert Wagner & Mariaon Marshall

Jill St. John: Jill is an American actress known for her works- Diamonds Are Forever, The Oscar, Who's Minding the Store?, The Liquidator. Jill was born in 1940 in Los Angeles, California to Edward Oppenheim & Betty Oppenheim.

She was previously married to Neil Dubin, Lance Reventlow, singer Jack Jones. She doesn’t have biological children; she has stepchildren in Katie, Courtney & Natasha Wagner.

Robert Wagner & Jill St John

Image: Robert Wagner & Jill St John

Robert Wagner Children

Courtney Wagner, Robert Wagner, Katie Wagner

Image: Courtney Wagner, Robert Wagner, Katie Wagner

Courtney Wagner, Robert Wagner, Natasha Wagner

Image: Courtney Wagner, Robert Wagner, Natasha Wagner


Katie Wagner: Katie Wagner is an American actress. Katie Wagner was born in 1964 in Los Angeles to Marion Marshall & Robert Wagner. She was named after actress Katharine Hepburn: Katie Wagner is an American actress Katie Wagner was born in 1964 in Los Angeles to Marion Marshall & Robert Wagner. She was named after actress Katharine Hepburn.

She married her boyfriend Leif Lewis in July 2007. She had a son with Leif in 2006, named- Riley John Wagner-Lewis.

Courtney Wagner: Courtney Wagner was born in 1974 in Los Angeles as Courtney Brooke Wagner to actress Natalie Wood & actor Robert Wagner. She was engaged to Max LeRoy, he died in a motorcycle accident.

Natasha Gregson Wagner: Natasha Gregson Wagner is a Hollywood actress known for works such as- Lost Highway, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Urban Legend, High Fidelity

Natasha was born in 1970 in Los Angeles to actress Natalie Wood and British producer Richard Gregson. She adopted the surname “Wagner” for her Mom & she lived with Robert Wagner since Natasha was 22 months old.

Natasha is married to actor & director Barry Watson, the couple has a daughter named Clover Clementyne born in 2012.


Peter Donen: Peter Donen was born in 1953 in Los Angeles to director/ producer Stanley Donen & actress Marion Marshall. Peter has worked in various movies (mostly in the visual effects department) such as U-571, Outland, The Bourne Identity, L.A. Confidential. He died in 2004 in Los Angeles, California from heart attack.

Joshua Donen: Joshua is a Hollywood producer & writer, He is known for movies such as- Gone Girl, Priest, House of Cards, The Quick and the Dead. Joshua was born to Stanley Donen & Marion Marshall in 1955 in Los Angeles, California. Joshua married Nicolette Bret Mount in 1995 & has a child with her.

Robert Wagner In-laws

Sister in-law

Lana Wood: Lana wood is an actress known for her works- Diamonds Are Forever, The Searchers, The Long, Hot Summer, The Executive. She was born in 1946 in Santa Monica, California as Svetlana Nikolaevna Gurdin to Nikolai Stephanovich Zakharenko & Maria Stepanovna Zudilov.

Lana has been previously married to- Allan Balter, Richard Smedley, Dr. Stanley William Vogel, Steve Oliver, Karl Brent, Jack Wrather Jr.

She had a child named Evan Taylor Maldonado from her marriage to Richard Smedley in 1974, Evan died in 2017. Evan married Edward Maldonado in 1994 and had 3 children- Nicholas Maldonado (born 1998), Daphne Maldonado (born 2000) & Max Maldonado (born 2005).

Father in-law

Nikolai Stephanovich Zakharenko: Nikolai Stephanovich was an immigrant of Ukranian & Russian descent. He is the father of both Lana Wood & Natalie Wood.

Edward Oppenheim: Edward Oppenheim is the father of Jill St. John through his wife Betty Oppenheim.

Mother in-law

Maria Stepanovna Zudilov, was an immigrant of Ukranian & Russian descent. She and her husband Nikolai gave birth two daughters- Natalie Wood & Lana Wood.

Betty Oppenheim: Betty Oppenheim is the mother of Jill St. John through her husband Edward Oppenheim.

Son in-laws

Leif Lewis: Katie Wagner married Leif Lewis in July 2007 , the couple have a son named Riley John Wagner-Lewis born in 2006.

Barry Watson: Barry Watson is an actor born in 1974 in Traverse City, Michigan, he has appeared in 7th Heaven, Boogeyman, Sorority Boys, Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Barry married Natasha Gregson Wagner in December 2014 and has a daughter in Clover Clementyne (born 2012)

He was previously married to actress Tracy Hutson & actress Laura Payne-Gabriel & has 2 children named- Oliver Watson(born 2005), Felix Watson (2007) with Tracy Hutson.


Robert Wagner Grandchildren


Riley John Wagner-Lewis: Riley was born to Robert’s daughter Katie Wagner & her then boyfriend (and presently husband) Leif Lewis.


Clover Clementyne: Clover Clementyne is the daughter of actor/ Director Barry Watson & Natasha Gregson Wagner. She was born in 2012.

Robert Wagner Loves & Romantic Affairs

Robert Wagner & Barbara Stanwyck

Image: Robert Wagner & Barbara Stanwyck

Robert Wagner & Elizabeth Taylor

Image: Robert Wagner & Elizabeth Taylor

  • Yvonne De Carlo: A Canadian-American actress, dancer, singer
  • Joan Crawford: she was an American Film & TV actress. She is known for What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, Mildred Pierce, Sudden Fear, Johnny Guitar
  • Elizabeth Taylor: A British American actress, business woman, humanitarian known for her works- Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly, Last Summer, Cleopatra among others.
  • Anita Ekberg: Swedish actress who has appeared in British & American movies
  • Shirley Anne Field: British Tv, movie & stage actress
  • Lori Nelson: An American actress & former model
  • Joan Collins: Joan is an English actress, author, writer
  • Barbara Stanwyck: Barbara Stanwyck was an Americana actress, Dancer & a model. Barbara & Robert worked together in the 1953 movie Titanic. Robert claimed Barbara & him had a 4 year long romantic relationship in the 1950s. She was 45 at the time and he was 22, it wasn’t easily accepted at the time and they kept it a secret. 
  • Tina Sinatra: Robert was engaged to actress/ producer Tina Sinatra from November 1970 to January 1972.

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