Prince Rogers Nelson Family

Prince Rogers Nelson
Father John Lewis Nelson
Mother Mattie Della Shaw

Mayte Garcia (Ex wife)

Manuela Testolini (Ex wife)


Ahmiir Nelson


Clarence Nelson (Paternal)

Frank Shaw (Maternal)


Carrie Jenkins (Paternal)

Lucille Shaw (Maternal)

Stepfather Hayward Julius Baker

Alfred Frank Alonzo Jackson (Half-brother)

Omarr baker (Half-brother)

Duane Joseph Nelson (Half-brother)

John R Nelson (Half-brother)


Tyka Nelson

Lorna Lee Nelson (Half-sister)

Norrine Nelson (Half-sister)


Rachard Phillips

Sir Montece Laeil

President LenNard Laeil Nelson


Danielle Phillips

Crystal Phillips

Chelsea Phillips


Gertrude Nelson

James L. Nelson


Olivia Nelson

Ruby Nelson

Edna Mae "Renee" Collier


Carl Banks

Lois Banks

Marjorie Banks

Robert Pullum

Lucille Bonnell


Vivian Nelson

Father in-law

John Garcia

Mother in-law

Janelle Garcia

Sister In-law Janice Garcia

Prince was an American singer, musician, songwriter, actor, record producer & a dancer. An overall multi-talented personality. Prince was born Prince Rogers Nelson on 7th June 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States to Mattie Della Shaw- a Jazz singer & pianist John Lewis Nelson.

Prince is also known by alternative names- Alexander Nevermind, Joey Coco, Christopher Tracy, The Artist, Jamie Starr, The Kid, The Prince of Funk, Tora Tora among others. Prince Rogers Nelson died on 21st April 2016 in Chanhassen, Minnesota from accidental overdose of fentanyl (pain medication opioid)

Prince Parents


Prince & Mom Mattie Della Shaw

Image: Prince & Mom Mattie Della Shaw

Mattie Della Shaw: Mattie Della Shaw was a Jazz singer, Mattie and John Nelson met in 1956, they married in 1957. Mattie was born in 1933 in Minneapolis, she died in 2002. 

She had a son named Alfred Frank Alonzo Jackson(born in 1953) from her previous marriage. She had Prince in 1958 & daughter Tyka Nelson in 1960. Mattie was married to Hayward Julius Baker & has children from him.


Prince's Father John Lewis Nelson

Image: Prince's Father John Lewis Nelson

John Lewis Nelson: John Lewis Nelson was an American jazz musician, songwriter. He used the stage name Prince Rogers, the same name was later given to his son Prince. He is credited with writing some of the songs for his son Prince.

Nelson was born in 1916 Cotton Valley, Webster Parish, Louisiana, United States to Carrie Jenkins & Clarence Nelson. He died in 2001 in Chanhassen, Minnesota.


Vivian Nelson: Vivian Howard was born in 1920 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States to Earl B. Howard and Lulu M. Howard. She had two children Lorna Lee Nelson; & Duane Joseph Nelson with John Nelson.

She is the sister of Inez M Howard; Marcell Howard; Helen Howard; Mozell Howard; Vontella Mills; Eartha Howard


Prince Parents Wife

Prince with wife Mayte Garcia

Image: Prince with wife Mayte Garcia

Mayte Garcia: Mayte Garcia is an Amercan actress, dancer and singer. She started belly dancing classes at the age of 3, She became the “world's youngest professional belly dancer “ when she appeared on the TV show “That's Incredible!” . She has appeared in TV/ Movies such as- Firehouse Dog, Psych, Dus, CSI: NY among others

Mayte was born Mayte Jannell Garcia in 1973 in Fort Rucker, Alabama, United States to John Garcia (military pilot) & Janelle Garcia.

Mayte & Prince met in 1990 for the first time, Mayte’s mother was looking for a job for her daughter, she showed a video of Mayte to Prince. In 1992 Mayte joined Prince’s performance group “ The New Power Generation (NPG)”

Mayte & Prince married in 1996, they had a son together in 1996, named ‘Ahmiir, Ahmiir died of Pfeiffer syndrome 6 days later. The couple had a miscarriage after that & after an elongated bad period they divorced in 2000.

She adopted a baby girl in 2013, Gia was born on 38th birthday of Mayte in 2011. She lives in Las Vegas with her daughter Gia Garcia.

Manuela Testolini: Manuela Testolini is Canadian American who was previously married to Prince from 2001 to 2006. She works in the charities.

Manuela is married Eric Benét in 2011 & has two children Amoura Luna Benét(born in 2014), Lucia Bella Benét (born in 2011) with him.

Prince with wife Manuela Manuela Testolini

Image: Prince with wife Manuela Manuela Testolini

Prince Children


Ahmiir: Pricne & MayTe’s son Amiir was born on 16th October 1996, the baby was suffering from Pfeiffer syndrome , he had trouble breathing without a ventilator & died after 6 days.

Prince Siblings


Prince's sister Tyka Nelson

Image: Prince's sister Tyka Nelson

Tyka Nelson: Tyka is the biological sister of Prince, she is a singer, she has worked in association with Prince. She started writing songs when she was just 10 years old.

She is married to Maurice Phillips. Tyka has 6 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters

Tyke has 6 children:

  1. Rachard Phillips
  2. Sir Montece Laeil
  3. President LenNard Laeil Nelson
  4. Danielle Phillips
  5. Crystal Phillips
  6. Chelsea Phillips


Lorna Lee Nelson: daughter of John Lewis Nelson and Vivian Nelson. Born in 1942. Died in 2006 at Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Norrine Nelson: Daughter of John Lewis Nelson and Vivian Nelson


Duane Joseph Nelson: Duane was born in 1958 as son of John Lewis Nelson and Vivian Nelson in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Duane Joseph Nelson: Duane was born in 1958 as son of John Lewis Nelson and Vivian Nelson in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

John R Nelson: son of John L. Nelson, Vivian Nelson


Prince Grandparents


Clarence Allen Nelson: Clarence, the paternal grandfather of Prince was born in 1880 in Louisiana, United States to Rev. Edward Nelson and Emma Nelson.

Frank Shaw: Maternal grandfather of Prince


Carrie Ikner Nelson: Carrie is the paternal grandmother of Prince. She was born in 1883 in Louisiana, United States to Handy Jenkins & Dina Ann Jenkins.

She is the mother of Gertrude Nelson; Olivia Nelson; Ruby Nelson; James L. Nelson; John Lewis Nelson; she died in 1933 in Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States

Lucille Shaw: Maternal grandmother of Prince


Prince Uncles & aunts


Gertrude Nelson: Gertrude, the paternal aunt of Prince was born in 1903 in Los Angeles, United States to Clarence Allen Nelson & Carrie Ikner. She was married to of Leamon Banks and had 3 children- Carl Banks; Lois Banks and Marjorie Banks with him.

James L. Nelson: James was the paternal uncle of Prince, he was born in 1915


Olivia Nelson: Oliviawas born in 1904 in Los Angeles to Clarence Allen Nelson & Carrie Ikner.

Ruby Nelson: Ruby Nelson was born Rubie in 1908 in Louisiana, United States. she was married to Robert L. Pullum and Louis Berry Hays. She has a son named Robert Pullum. She died in 1982 in Detroit, Michigan

Edna Mae "Renee" Collier: Edna is the sister of Prince’s mother Mattie. She was born in 1933 in Minnesota. She has a daughter named lucille bonnell.

Prince Cousins

Carl Banks: Carl was born in 1924 as Son of Leamon Banks and Gertrude Nelson

Lois Banks: Lois was born in 1926 as daughter of Leamon Banks and Gertrude Nelson

Marjorie Banks: Marjorie was born in 1926 as daughter of Leamon Banks and Gertrude Nelson

Robert Pullum: Robert was the son of Ruby Nelson & Robert Pullum

lucille bonnell: Lucille is the daughter of Edward Wallace Manderville, Jr. & Edna Mae Collier


Prince In-laws

Father in-law

John Garcia: John Garcia was the Ex-father in-law of Prince. He is the father of Mayte Garcia, he is of Puerto Rican descent, he was a pilot in the United States military.

Mother in-law

Janelle Garcia: Janelle, the ex-mother in-law of Prince was called by the short name “Nelly”, she was of Puerto Rican descent. She was a dancer by profession.

Sister in-law

Janice Garcia: Janice is the sister of Mayte Garcia, she is older than Mayte.

Prince Romantic links, Affairs, Girlfriends

Prince has been romantically linked with many famous women, some of them are:

  • Kim Basinger
  • Madonna
  • Vanity
  • Sheila E.
  • Carmen Electra
  • Susanna Hoffs
  • Sherilyn Fenn

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